Catering to children aged 0-6 and open 52 weeks a year, Puggles offers not only exceptional childcare services but also a dedicated preschool program.

Puggles has centres in Gunnedah and Oxley Vale, where our farming and mining communities are so crucial, we make sure never to forget our roots.

At Puggles, our team works hard to provide a safe, supportive, and nourishing environment where your children can thrive, learn, and grow into the most authentic versions of themselves. Proper nutrition is a key part of this, which is why our centres have onsite cooks, who prepare delicious, high-quality, fresh meals daily for attending children.


A cornerstone of our philosophy is that encouraging creativity and expression in children is vital in helping them discover their own, unique voice. At Puggles, the creative arts make up a huge part of our curriculum, giving your child ample opportunity to participate in story time, dance, music, and drawing. To this end, we regularly invite professional musicians and readers to our centres, helping your child make unforgettable memories with us here at Puggles.

Play, social interaction, and time spent in the great outdoors are equally key parts of the Puggles experience; our Educators strive to help attending children develop a relationship to the environment through time spent outside, as well as helping them learn and develop age-appropriate social skills to form close bonds with their peers.

Centre grown tomatoes
Beef & Vegie Ragu
Zucchini & Banana Bread

For our team, a child’s parents and family are their most influential teachers; by the same token, we’ve seen firsthand the difference that parental engagement and involvement can make at our childcare centres. We work hard to give parents every opportunity to take an active role in their children’s time at Puggles. And, we strive to form close relationships between home and childcare, to give attending children the best possible outcomes from their time with us.

Fresh Produce

Families considering attending Puggles are more than welcome to contact us to arrange a tour of our centre/s. We have two centres, located in Gunnedah and Tamworth / Oxley Vale.