In a world as diverse as ours, where nations, religions, and cultures intertwine with blended heritage. Acceptance and tolerance of these differences allows our children to live successfully in our world of tomorrow.
Cultural diversity is at the heart and success of our great nation and its people.

My heritage is a testament to this blend, a fusion of English, Irish, French Polynesian and Mer Island ancestry, which spans to the furthest island of the Torres Strait.
I firmly believe that every child has a unique way of learning and that there is no one way or method of teaching. Whether it be through the natural world, the arts or technologies, it requires many disciplines and an entire community of leaders and carers to raise a child.
My journey to entrepreneurial success is rooted in three pillars:
1. Education
2. A deep passion for learning
3. An unwavering work ethic
These invaluable traits have been the driving force behind my achievements.

Leaving home at the tender age of 14, school became my sanctuary. I found refuge in the halls of Macarthur Girls High School, which, in its agricultural focus, provided a unique environment. Later, I was honoured to be chosen to attend North Sydney Girls High School, renowned for its rigorous academic standards.


At the age of 23, I achieved a significant milestone by becoming the youngest managing director at Fairfax & Roberts. This pivotal role led me to secure the exclusive rights to Fabergé Australasia, where I served concurrently as director and shareholder. In addition to these responsibilities, I also took on the role of creative director, overseeing the successful design of jewellery collections and managing a bustling handmade workshop in the heart of Martin Place, Sydney.

All while practicing fine art and professionally exhibiting.

During that time, I also opened Rochfort Neckties and had a foray into the rag trade and manufacture.

At 33, I met my partner, fell in love and moved to Manilla in Rural NSW.

We owned properties at Gunnedah on the Breeza Plains and Manilla and I thoroughly loved all the challenges that came with running 10,000 head of Australian meat Marinos and cropping.

For the next 15 years, we traveled back and forth between our rural properties and Sydney every week to manage our construction businesses. Then, in 2018, I opened Rochfort Gallery, one of the most exclusive privately owned galleries in Australia specialising in promoting and selling Australian Art.

I share my journey as a testament to overcoming adversity. Despite lacking privileges and facing challenges in a dysfunctional family environment, I persevered. Encouraged by believing in myself and supported by the gift of free education and caring teachers, I triumphed over every obstacle.


In my late forties, I took steps to re-educate myself in the early childhood sector and opened my first privately owned early learning centre, Puggles School of Early Learning, Gunnedah.

We selected Gunnedah for its vibrant culture and diverse agricultural and mining sectors, values that resonate deeply with me.

In January 2024, Puggles will expand its reach to Tamworth, boasting ample grounds and the expertise of a full-time farmer/gardener, who also has experience in early childhood education. Both Puggles Gunnedah and Tamworth will offer paddock to plate seasonal food and outdoor learning.

After our first year of opening Puggles Gunnedah, we are ready for exciting changes in 2024.

Within just a year, we’ll embark on a complete makeover of our outdoor learning and play space, prioritising immersion in nature, music, and art.

Our newly appointed Gunnedah director, Lana, brings extensive knowledge and experience in the childhood sector and is bursting at the seams with new ideas and has assembled a team of educators who share her passion and dedication.

Of all the business experience I have, early childcare is the most invigorating, challenging and truly worthy cause I can be a part of.

I am looking forward to nurturing the success of our children in the years to come. During their crucial learning stages, it’s our mission to instill in them the belief in their abilities, the knowledge that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to, and, most importantly, a genuine passion for learning.

Lisa Rochfort
Approved Provider of Puggles school of early learning Gunnedah & Oxley Vale.